Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

As Americans grow older, it is essential that they be able to live in a safe environment. At times, we need to entrust their care to a nursing home provider. We expect, and they deserve to be well cared for and protected. When that does not happen, and they are victims of abuse or neglect, you will need a nursing home abuse lawyer to get them much deserved compensation and to prevent future harm.

At Kelly & Castagna, we have helped numerous clients make claims against abusive facilities and caregivers. Nursing home residents are some of the most vulnerable people in our society and we are a law firm dedicated to helping victims of elder abuse and nursing home neglect. Our attorneys have experience in all aspects of elder law, so if you need a consultation, contact us today at 309 820-0600.

Nursing home abuse can take many forms

Nursing home abuse can take many forms, but often involves physical abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation. 

Physical Abuse may involve hitting or kicking a resident and causing injury to their body. Some specific types of physical abuse are: pushing elderly so they fall, using excessive force when moving or turning them, restraining them and causing bruising, taking out IVs without permission, or forcing medication down a patient’s throat. 

Neglect in nursing homes is when the elderly do not get the care they need. For example, those who are confined to their beds may not get moved or turned and develop bedsores. The bedding or clothing of residents may not be changed regularly. It is neglect when they are not given the food or water that they need. In addition, if they have injuries that are not attended to or the facility does not call for additional medical care when needed, that is also neglect.

Neglect can also happen when the nursing home does not follow their own care plans for residents. Care plans are essential and help ensure that residents receive comprehensive and quality care. In addition, these plans need to be updated when accidents occur, like a fall, and failure to do so can also be a form of neglect.  

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer | Kelly and Castagna
Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer | Kelly and Castagna

Financial exploitation can be as simple as theft if they have valuables or money in their room. Caregivers may also steal credit cards, checks, or account information to gain access to the money your loved one has. If assets disappear suddenly or there is a massive increase in your loved one’s spending, that can be a sign of financial abuse by a caregiver.

Abuse and neglect is completely unacceptable and must be addressed. Our nursing home abuse lawyer is here to help. We will make sure the abuse has been reported to the proper authorities. We will make sure that your loved one receives care and compensation for what they endured. And, we will make sure that the caregiver and facility are held accountable for their actions. 

Nursing home residents are vulnerable 

As Americans grow older, it is essential that they be able to live in a safe environment. A nursing home can be a great place for your loved one to live if it’s operated properly. But sometimes nursing homes don’t provide the care they should, which can lead to serious injuries or death for some residents.

Nursing homes are required by law to have a zero tolerance policy for any kind of abuse or neglect, but this doesn’t always happen. Nursing home residents are some of the most vulnerable people in our society. They often have dementia or other mental health issues that make them unable to protect themselves from abuse. 

Nursing homes can be dangerous places for elderly individuals because they’re often in poor health and have limited mobility or communication skills, which means they might not be able to report any problems with their care until it’s too late. Many times when an elderly individual does speak up about his or her situation at a nursing home, no one listens, or worse yet, someone gets angry at them for complaining. 

If they are not taken seriously by their caregivers or administration or if they are unable to report abuse, a family member or loved one will need to take action on their behalf and our nursing home abuse lawyer can help. With our experience and passion, we can make sure your loved one receives compensation and justice. 

Our nursing home abuse lawyer will help you with your claim

Many people don’t realize how common nursing home neglect is in the United States. According to data from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), there are about 1 million cases of abuse reported yearly. There are likely many times more cases than what has been documented by HHS’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) because many cases go unreported. 

If you or a loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, contact a nursing home abuse lawyer today. The team at Kelly & Castagna can help protect your loved one from further harm and make sure they are compensated for the abuse they endured. Contact us today for a consultation. 

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer | Kelly and Castagna
Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer | Kelly and Castagna