Trucking Accidents Lawyers

Large vehicles are usually less likely to be involved in car accidents, but when they do crash, the consequences can be devastating. Once you have received medical attention for your injuries, you want to hire trucking accidents lawyers that can support you through the legal process and help you pursue a personal injury claim. Kelly & Castagna is here to help! Contact our firm today for a consultation at 309-820-0600.

There can be a variety of causes when a semi-truck or another large vehicle collides with a smaller vehicle on the road. There can be a variety of injuries that result as well. Our skilled trucking accidents lawyers will work hard to get you compensation for any injuries sustained during the crash so that you can move past this traumatic incident and focus on getting better again.

Trucking accidents are dangerous 

Trucking accidents are one of the most dangerous types of collisions that can happen. Trucks are much bigger and heavier than cars, which means they have a longer stopping distance, more blind spots and higher speeds. In addition to these factors, truck drivers often work long hours and may be fatigued when they get behind the wheel.

Trucking companies are required to follow federal safety regulations when operating their vehicles on public roads. There are also state laws that they must abide by to ensure the safety of other motorists. 

When a truck crash occurs, the consequences of the crash are often devastating. Truck accidents can result in serious injuries and even death for those involved in them. The severity of these injuries depends on what part of your body was hit by the truck and how fast it was going when it hit you. 

If you were injured by a truck during an accident, then this may be an opportunity for you to seek compensation for medical bills and other damages related to your injury or loss caused by the accident. The trucking accidents lawyers at Kelly & Castagna are here to help you pursue your claim.

Trucking Accidents Lawyers | Kelly and Castagna
Trucking Accidents Lawyers | Kelly and Castagna

Why trucking accidents occur

Trucks are big, heavy, and wide, which means they take up more space on the road than a car or motorcycle. This can make it difficult for other drivers to maneuver around them, pass them, or pull out in front of them. 

In addition, a truck driver may be unable to see a smaller vehicle that’s behind him or her because of their height. They have a larger blind spot and if you’re driving in foggy conditions or at night time, it can be even harder for them to see you. You should always use your turn signals when changing lanes so that other motorists know what you’re doing before it happens. This will help prevent accidents from occurring. 

There are a lot of demands on truck drivers, especially interstate drivers. They have long hours and sometimes get very little rest. Although they have specific standards to adhere to, driver fatigue tends to be a cause of trucking accidents. 

Whatever the cause, if you are in a trucking accident, you need to get medical attention right away. Notify the police and the insurance company. If you do not need emergency medical care, you can try to document as much as possible. Once you have done what you can, you should call trucking accidents lawyers to help make sure you are fairly compensated for damages and injuries sustained in the accident.

Trucking Accidents Lawyers | Kelly and Castagna
Trucking Accidents Lawyers | Kelly and Castagna

Contact our trucking accidents lawyers for a consultation today

If you were injured in an automobile collision with a large vehicle like a semi-truck, then it is important to hire a skilled personal injury lawyer right away after the incident occurs so that they can get to work on getting you compensation as soon as possible.

Experienced trucking accidents lawyers from Kelly & Castagna can conduct their own investigation into the collision, use evidence obtained from police reports, use surveillance footage, and evaluate other sources to determine liability for your injuries.

Our attorneys have vast experience in representing trucking accident victims and negotiating and litigating cases to make sure clients get the settlement or judgment they deserve.

Trucking Accidents Lawyers | Kelly and Castagna
Trucking Accidents Lawyers | Kelly and Castagna